Locomotive Driver Cab Hot Plate
Published on 23 March 2021 19:17
Locomotive Hot Plate was one of the demands and requests from our client to modernize their locomotives. We got the mission to perform this project.

World Part Supplier designed and manufactured locomotive hot plate according to its client’s requirement.

Some specifications of this production are:

  • Full Stainless-Steel Body
  • 3-Position Rotary Switch specially designed for high amperage and temperature
  • 2 embedded elements for low and high temperature
  • Stainless-Steel hot plate frame
  • Teflon coated with shield protector wires and cables to the hot plate


This product can be equipped with thermometer to adjust the operation time in highest temperature.


This part is suitable for boiling water kettle and / or food containers.

We have proudly delivered this product to our client. New contract following the first contract is signed and we will deliver 120 units of this production.


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World Part Supplier Management Team