Fixing the congenital problem of Alstom locomotives air conditioner system
Published on 28 September 2020 00:43
Our valuable railway client asked for our assistance on repairing or fixing a serious failure on air conditioner system of Alstom locomotives.

Our engineering department started to work on this project immediately. We analyzed and diagnosed the entire system. Our findings were awesome. Either on purpose or by mistake, Alstom had manufactured the air conditioner system, which works with frequency.

Existing system of air conditioner has these essential defects:

1)      When engine runs in the highest RPM, it consumes the most fuel. It means that costs related to this item, increase considerably.

2)      Running in highest speed of engine causes higher rate of amortization of parts. It ends in shorter life cycle of parts and components that has no reflect except impressive high maintenance costs.

3)      Even the times that locomotive or train is stopped in a block waiting for permission, locomotive must run in highest notch. This stagnation and stillness in a place can stay constant for hours. During this time, locomotive crew must have the comfort means available. When engine runs in highest RPM, the level dB generation is significantly high. This noise is very harmful for the people and natural life of live organisms in that area. As we know high dB can cause permanent deafness if a person gets exposed to it for long period of time an of course periodically.

4)      The generated hazardous gasses from locomotive exhaust produced by incomplete or even complete fuel combustion, harms the nature and environment.
The world tries to find a solution to reduce the greenhouse gasses such as Carbon Di-Oxide, NH and HS group of gasses.

5)      Gasoline is a source for all those mentioned gasses which are becoming the instant treatment for human life.
Running engine in such condition as explained in upper paragraphs, does not have better production than those harmful gasses.

6)      When the electrical components of locomotive air conditioner run with high frequency (430Hz), the armature core will tend to saturation.
This tendency to saturation has no better outcome than getting hot and in most of the cases failure due to fusion of the core.
The same will happen to mechanical parts such as frictional bearings of compressor crankshaft or other parts. The lifetime of parts significantly gets reduced.

Our team designed its own exclusive system and fixed the problem once forever. Some advantages of our system – Alstom Frequency Stabilizer System (AFSS) – can be listed as:

1)      By making the air conditioner independent from frequency, we eliminated the requirement of engine high speed. It means that our system brightly and significantly reduces the fuel consumption to less than 50% of original design.
The economical calculation of fuel saving, shows a huge value that can be spent in other areas.

2)      Life-time of engine, alternator, air conditioner components and parts magically increase by using our system. The saving driven from this fact can be for other means.

3)      By eliminating the best performance of air conditioner under the engine high speed circumference, we controlled and reduced the production of harmful HS, NH and CO group gasses to the atmosphere

4)      By the system designed and manufactured by World Part Supplier, air conditioner will run with its best operational performance even when locomotive is in neutral position. It means that when locomotive or train is stopped in the station, the generated noise by engine significantly gets reduced and dB of the noise returns to the acceptable range. It saves the health of all live organism and human

5)      We provided variety of choices for the user comparing to the original design

6)      Interchangeability is an unavoidable privilege that nobody can ignore it

7)      Smart control of system and intelligent correction is the opportunity that original system never had it.

World Part Supplier is performing a project of modification on Alstom air conditioner system.

We welcome customers and clients who look for modification on their systems and updating them to the latest technology.

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