Repair of Alstom Traction Motors
Published on 09 May 2020 03:16
Proudly started repairing 6FRA4564 Traction Motors of Alstom Locomotives to almost new condition with a new method that we may say it is our invention to reduce costs for client.

Our team proposed repair on Alstom Locomotive Traction Motors and provided one full year of warranty on what we have done.

The main concern of our customer was the high range of repair cost and short durability of repaired motors.

Knowing the concern, we proposed them the feasibility study on the project that we are going to perform for them. Furthermore, we asked them to provided us 2 scrap traction motors to run our idea on it.

Our technical team provided an engineering report on those traction motors and causes of defect(s).

We utilized our method on defected windings and could save up to 80% of coils.


Fig 1. Damaged Windings of Alstom Traction Motor Coil


We fixed and welded molded windings (if possible) and re-insulated them to be used in the traction motor.

This way, we could reduce the expenses and costs of repair by minimum 45%, which is a considerable amount on each traction motor.


Fig 2. Repaired section of an individual winding instead of scraping it


Repaired kits get re-insulated after crack detection and electrical tests.

Our method reduces repair time by 50% while the repair costs drop by at least 45%. We provide one year of warranty for repaired traction motors.


Fig 3. Repaired and Re-insulated coil


We are glad that our project has been tested practically in the railway yard and wish the prosperity for our clients.

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