Re-design of Alstom locomotives Air Conditioner system
Published on 13 September 2019 05:46
Air Conditioner system of Alstom locomotives is dependant on engine throttle, which means higher performance of Air Conditioner system will be provided at higher frequency.

The design of Alstom Freight Locomotives is based on frequency (Hz). It means that Air Conditioner system of Alstom locomotives will provide the optimized performance just in the highest speed engine, which produces highest frequency by mean of alternator system.

This type of function has several disadvantages:
First - In order to provide highest cooling function of air conditioner system, locomotive must run in the highest throttle. Higher engine RPM will produce higher frequency by mean of converting mechanical rotational force into electrical power in alternator. 

Running engine in High RPM, means increased maintenance costs, being less in service. 
As we know, freight locomotives stop for long time in stations but locomotive engineers and crews must stay in the locomotive cab. In dry and warm ambients like Middle-East, locomotive crews have to keep engine running in high speed even while in idle. 
It causes higher wearness of mechanical parts and finally higher cost of maintenance and less availability time of units.


Second - Running engine in high speed needs more fule consumption which causes higher expenses in transportation. It affects the fee of transportation.


Third - Running diesel engine in high speed makes higher polution. Smokes from exhaust has bad affect on atmosphere that we can categorize it under the clause "inversion due to carbon".


Fourth - Running the electromotor of air contioner in high frequency, decreases lifetime of electromotor, which ends to mis-satisfaction of locomotive crews.


World Part Supplier Co. started investigation on the original design and logics behind this design. Finally we came up with a replacement design that instead of having an air contioner dependent on frequency, it is better to have an air conditioner with variable electromotor depending on variable voltages.

Our designed driver and inverter system was tested on Alstom air conditioner system and we are proud to inform that this design has been approved after several hours of practical tests.

We need to appreciate our technical and engineering team for such a great job.