Manufacturing and Repairing industrial Motors Coils and Poles
Published on 21 August 2019 05:28
Our engineering team in order to facilitate clients requirements, works very hard on finding solutions. Our manufactured coils and poles are one the solutions for market.

We noticed that most of the operators are suffering of improper quality of traction motors and generators. 

We received different requests from end users, owners and operators to investigate the case and find out the defects after diagnosing the case(s). Our technical team started working seriously on the facts by monitoring running machines such as traction motors and generators. 

Based on the actual facts and statistics, we reached out the cause of failures. 

After providing the technical consultation, we were asked to help clients by providing proper parts and services, which was a good challenge for our technical team. Therefore, we started designing and manufacturing of machines. First products were unprecedented.



We were so sure on our technical services that offered eighteen months of warranty for repaired coils and poles. All repairs has identity card which makes them trace-able. We are proud to announce that none of our repaired coils and poles have returned for a claim.



After providing engineering services to clients and updating QC and QA papers, management of World Part Supplier decided to manufacture coils and poles for traction motors and generators. World Part Supplier offers eighteen months of non-negotiable warranty on its products. 

Manufactured coils and poles by World Part Supplier are compatible with AAR and standard regulations. 

We proudly announce our worldwide supply of coils and poles for EMD D77 and D78 traction motors as well as GE traction motors. 

We believe that our prices considering the highest quality of production will not be compete.



World Part Supplier is ready to provide repair services to clients globally. Also, we are ready to sell our products with eighteen months of warranty.

World Part Supplier cares about industries concerns and would like to help them fixing part of their difficulties. Based on this philosophy, WPSupplier Canada will be at your service either for manufacturing or repair services.

All repairs will have a technical annex that showes whole process and various reading before and after repairs. This ID card will be filled for brand new products as well.


Should you have any question, please let World Part Supplier to help you in clarifying it by sending an email to


World Part Supplier thinks about  sublimity. Therefore, we shake hand of whoever helps us in this path.