Abuse reports from different sources of WPSupplier name
Published on 27 November 2018 09:34
World Part Supplier has been noticed recently that some scam companies or people abuse our logo and name.

Recently we are getting some contacts from different individulas stating that somebody has contacted them as HR of World Part Supplier to hire them for Online Marketing Manager.
Unfortunately they are using name of our managing director and company plus the logo, sending a contract to job seekers.
Virtual Networking has provided opportunities for offenders to deceiving job seekers and we are really sorry that our name, logo and address is being used to convince people that the contract is real.

Hereby, we officially state:
"Any recruitment for World Part Supplier will be published on our site. All Vacancies will be linked on Linkedin or known Job Finder websites. We do not accept any responsibility for abusing our logo, name and address.

In addition, our job category is industrial. Therefore, we do not hire employees for Online jobs, Financial opportunities etc.

Our contacts are done via our official email address info@WPSupplier.com or wpsupplierinc@gmail.com not any other email addresses"

Again! we do apologize for inconvinience.

Please report us the contacts and corresponding done under our name.  

Please do not trust non official contacts. All of those contacts are fraud.