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World Part Supplier is an engineering group interested in providing technical and industrial assistance to railways, railways sub-companies, and all related companies, that use similar parts like locomotive parts. We are a manufacturer of different parts of EMD and GE locomotives besides our exclusively designed components for locomotives. World Part Supplier is organized and built up of very highly experienced and educated engineers and experts of railways. WPSupplier (World Part Supplier Co.) provides Consulting, Staffing, and Manufacturing services as well as Supplying OEM and aftermarket spare parts and components for locomotives and railway operators. We perform maintenance projects for locomotives and locomotive components. Long-term business with our partners and customers worldwide is our pride and our team tries its best to improve its quality on a daily basis. World Part Supplier is built up of several companies. Each company works in an exclusive field: Mechanical factory, Electrical Factory, and Electromechanical Factory. Our Engineering team supports and feeds technical information for each workshop and follows up on the quality of each production line based on the criteria. Our business is a contract-based (order-based) business. Meaning that we produce and manufacture based on orders and requests. World Part Supplier brought small businesses under its supportive umbrella and unified those small businesses and expanded their businesses.

While you visit our website, we encourage you to check the "Parts" page. Either we have those parts available in stock or can provide them in the fastest available time.

If you do not see your required part in our stock, please do not hesitate to place an inquiry. We will get back to you very shortly with an appropriate answer.

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